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"Helping Realtors increase sales fuel our Team” 

Our team is comprised of creative, highly trained, experienced real estate professionals who work remotely as your right hand and left brain. We want to see your business succeed, and we want to be a part of that success. No upfront fees. Transaction based pricing. Guaranteed confidentiality.

YOUR Real Estate Virtual Assistant AWAITS.

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For Agents By Agents


"Helping Realtors increase sales fuel our Petra Parker Realty Team” 


We are a faith-based business maintaining honesty and integrity in our commitment to providing knowledgeable Virtual Assistants for the entire real estate transaction process. Petra Parker Realty Service is a real estate transaction based service company "For Real Estate Agents by Real Estate Agents".  


Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction, administrative support for real estate agents that choose to be in the real estate business representing sellers and buyers.  Spending time doing the necessary paperwork required can be overwhelming. As many successful business owners say, "Do what you do best and hire someone else to do the rest."  Our team of real estate agents are the "Someone Else" that have a passion for providing administrative support to our fellow sales agent professionals. We have over 20 years combined experience in the real estate industry. The Petra Parker Realty Virtual Assistant Team becomes a third arm to the administrative process for high performing Real Estate Sales Agents like You

Petra Parker Realty Services

Your transaction based administrative support team provides:

Property Listing Service

Our premiere listing services are national and customized based on regional MLS requirements.


We specialize in posting listings that include property photos seen above

(you provide the photos).

Listing Service Support includes but not limited to the Contract-to-Close Services.

Contract-to-Close Service

Contract-to-Close services are based on State RE Commission and Broker requirements.  As a virtual member of your team, our VA provides you with a high level of confidence to ensure all critical dates and entire sales contract are shared with all parties involved with the transaction.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Support

Our team of experts manage your CRM tool by adding or removing contacts; updating client contact details; sending Email marketing campaigns are essential to increasing your real estate sales results.

For Agents By Agents


A Virtual Assistant  Real Estate Transaction Management Service

If you want to increase your sales and be a part of the 80:20 Rule (where 20% of Real Estate Agents make 80% of revenue sales), 2020 is your year!!! You are encouraged to:




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