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Family is such a power packed word filled with a variety of layers as an artichoke. Each layer unveils a story of its own. The story has upward and downward turns and twists that create value and worth.

Families are composites of many forms.

Mothers, fathers, children, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunts, cousins, grandparents and of course friends help to create the heartbeat and make up the family unit. Though these units may not always live or grow together, they are eternally connected. These are not all blood relatives from the natural viewpoint. Yet the blood is the core of family DNA by original design.

God designed humans for relationship and intimacy with Him. This was His divine purpose and plan for the very existence of mankind before he laid the foundation of the world. He is Sovereign and therefore knew how every layer would unfold.

Remember God said, “good and very good” after, forming, making and creating individuals that make up family.

Yet God also knew that apart from him the family would experience seconds, moments, minutes, days, weeks, months, years, decades and centuries of weakness on the journey through life. As artichoke layers are removed, thistles are seen but at the core is the heart. The heart is where the substance, the flavor in all its splendor resides and so is with family. At the core of the family, embedded in the heart is love.

Emotions and feelings of pleasure and sorrow encircle the heart. Layers of hurt, pain, happiness and joy all surround the center where true love abides.

Sometimes it takes time to find the center and core. It is a process that sometimes takes a lifetime to decipher. Oh the treasures that we find, gleaning pebbles and precious stones along the way and sometimes gathering chips and broken pieces but even they create beautiful masterpieces. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

That is family - the heart.

Ordained by God and

Penned by LLWH 12:20 11-11-2020

NOTE: I chose this beautiful message for this holiday season release. The author writes so beautifully about family. Family to me is about "Home". As real estate professionals, we have a responsibility to help create memories throughout the home purchase journey and beyond. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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