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Find out how to increase your Real Estate GCI Sales Ratio

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

In order to have predictability in your real estate career, it requires your constant involvement, and you must have great PROCESSES in place.

The trouble in the real estate industry is that the “hours worked = compensation” equation has traditionally been an “either-or” situation. In other words:

• You EITHER make a lot of money and have no life outside your real estate job.

--- OR---

• You DO have a life outside real estate but don’t make enough money.

What’s worse, for many agents, the equation is entirely unbalanced. There are many agents operating today who kill themselves with grueling 80+ hour weeks AND barely make enough money to survive. Does this describe you?

Why did you get into real estate in the first place? I’ll tell you why.

Because you imagined that it would give you the freedom and cash to be able to live the lifestyle you wanted.

In order to achieve your heart's-desire, it will require better distribution of your workload - creating processes and hiring specialists that know and understand the business of real estate.

Get ready to make a paradigm shift in your current real estate business system. If you struggle in any way; have issues in your real estate business; take too long to get things implemented… the PETRA PARKER REALTY SERVICES exist to solve that and allow you to live the life you were born to live!

Who is Petra Parker Realty Services? We are licensed real estate agents that partner with you as your virtual assistant transaction management team. By utilizing our services, it allows you to focus on getting new clients and finding their new homes while we do all of the tedious paperwork required to close transactions, seamlessly.

Just think... by utilizing our services, you have NO Facilities Overhead, NO Tax/Health Benefits Overhead, and NO Upfront Fees.

Systems Save Time... Time is MONEY!

Learn more about Petra Parker Realty Services at and remember to leave your name and contact information. You are not obligated to use our services but you get to know your options.

YES YOU CAN.. have your cake and eat it too!

Don't forget to go to to start eating YOUR CAKE!

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